Need help with a command

I dont really know how to say it.
But what i would like is to have nightbot say the name of the subscriber when they subbed
lets say Joseph subbed its ganna say in chat something like

Joseph just subscribed!! Welcome to the potato army!! how could that work?
thank you for helping!

Nightbot isn’t able to do this at the current time, sorry.

when will it be?? Id love to see this!! Also i saw other bot doing that… so i know is possible to do!!

It’s completely possible through the Nightbot API. This functionality will probably never be added into normal use however.

Hows that done Aaron. I too would like to know this feature :slight_smile:

We’re not really able to assist you with building something with our API. However, Muxy may support this. Check out the integrations page in Nightbot’s control panel:

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