Need help setting up a death count

I’m have trouble with a death count everyone sends me this
!commands add !deaths Deaths: 0
But since I have !commands and a command it shows that instead .
Can anyone help?


What you need depends on whether you want a single command that increases the death count AND shows the new value or want multiple commands, one to just show the death count and one to increase the count.

Yea I want
!deaths Death Count:
!deaths+ Death Count: (add number )
If you can help

!addcom -cd=5 !deaths Death Count: 0
!addcom !deaths+ -a=!editcom !deaths Death Count: $(count)

I’m including a death count resetting command, !resetdeaths, as well just in case.

!addcom !resetdeaths -a=!editcom !deaths+ \-c=-1

To reset !deaths, type !resetdeaths then !deaths+

Thank you so much
That was help you

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