Need help Creating a Count

Hey guys,

So I need 2 commands,

  1. One command that displays how many times I won at a specific game today. (everyone should be able to use this command)

  2. One command which allows me to edit the first command / allows me to do change the number of times i won today (add one win to it or change the value completly)

i’ve been trying something like this:

!addcom !wins The Current Win Count is:

!addcom -ul=mod !editwins $(alias !editcom !wins The Current Win Count is: )

However it always says, " [invalid variable] "

What did i do wrong? And is there a better way to achieve what I want?

Thanks in advance

The way you set an alias is by typing something like this:

!addcom !editwins -a=!editcom !wins The current win count is $(1).

Whatever you type after !editwins will be the number !wins shows it doesn’t just add one.
Alternatively you could use a count and reset it after the stream is over though you won’t be able to set it to any number you want using that method.

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