Need help about greeting command

is it possible to make nightbot greeting my YT stream viewers like this :

  1. when they said “hello” or “hello guys”, nightbot will answer “thank you [user], welcome to my stream”.
  2. when they said “hello host”, nightbot will answer "welcome to my stream , Guys please connect to [user] channel at [user] channel at[userid].
  3. when they said “hello” to another viewers, nighbot will ignoring it.

im trying already but always failed
this is a command i copied from nightbot forum
hello $(eval if ($(query)){$(query).toLowerCase() == “host” ? $(user) : $(query)}else{“guys”}), welcome to the stream!

@Beni_Itnaiva Hmm… This is possible… Try this… Hope it would work…

!addcom -cd=5 hello $(eval if ( `$(touser)` == `guys` ) { `Thank-you $(user), welcome to my stream` } else ( `$(touser)` == `host` ) { `Welcome to my stream, guys please connect to $(user)'s channel at$(userid)` } else { ` ` } )

If you face error, let me know.


thank you very much sir, i will try it first

its not work sirgbs

Hey @Beni_Itnaiva!

The issue is due to the character limit on YouTube, which is 250.
Here’s the same command (I also added the test for “hello” alone), but shortened so you should be able to add it without issue:

!addcom hello $(eval q=`$(1)`; q==`guys`||q==`null`?`Thank you $(user), welcome to my stream!`:q==`host`?`Welcome to my stream, guys please connect to $(user)'s channel at$(userid)`:` `)

thank you very much mam. i will try it

its work properly mam, thanks a lot to you :blush: :blush:

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