Nameday command

I think that everybody will be really happy if you try to create Nameday command for every day, that means today in my country has nameday Přemysl and tomorrow someone other and I think that nameday command will be pretty usefull. Thanks

Hey @elficek5245!

You can do it yourself, it’s relatively easy.

  1. Go to Pastebin and fill a paste with each days of the year with their relative name, between each name and date add an hashtag (#) and that the date should be in the format Month Day, in English, the month starting with an uppercase letter.
    For example for May 6th and the name Přemysl: May 6 # Přemysl
    The paste should look like this:
    Date_1 # Name_1 # Date_2 # Name_2 # Date_3 # Name_3 # ... # Date_x # Name_x

  2. Save the paste and make sure the expiration date is set to “never”. I recommend you to create a free account so you can come back to edit the paste later if you want to edit it.

  3. Copy the URL of the paste, it should look like this and add raw/ before the letters identifying your paste, like this

  4. Replace PASTE_URL with the paste URL in the following code and replace TIMEZONE to yours by using this page and then copy/paste the following in your chat and there you go.

    !addcom !nameday -cd=5 $(eval a=`$(urlfetch json PASTE_URL)`.split(`#`);i=a.indexOf(`$(time TIMEZONE "MMMM D")`)+1;a[i])

Hope this is clear enough.

Edit: To save you time, here’s a Pastebin I quickly made where you only have to replace the NAME_x field: copy/paste then save your version. Grab it fast, I’m not sure how long I’ll keep it online.

Thank you too much! :slight_smile:

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