My timers won't work

so i also messaged stream elements, but messaging nightbot as well.
like i don’t know why my timers won’t work. my boyfriend was helping me test it earlier today and he thought maybe they just didn’t work on Xbox, but even the day i made my timers i was streaming on my pc as i was using a capture card for switch and they weren’t working then either. and last night i streamed on playstation5 and they also didn’t appear there either.
I tried changing the lines to 5 cause that’s what his is set to he said, and they still don’t work.
I read a forum on nightbot about someone saying their timers didn’t work and a developer said “Logs are reporting that all timers are executing properly. If timers do not execute then it’s likely because you’re not surpassing the line limitation 5 minutes”.
i have one timer set for 15 minutes, the other for 20 and the other for 40. originally they were all set to 2 lines, but i changed them to 5 and even with me changing them they all still don’t work.
like i said when i messaged stream elements, do I need to delete/remove the timers on streamlabs/nightbot in order for it to work on the other? Like maybe i can’t have timers set to both. originally i had it on stream elements and they weren’t working, which is why i used nightbot as i found on a forum other people couldn’t get timers on stream elements to work so they used nightbot. i did a 40 minute test stream today and all 3 of my timers went off 0 times.
my boyfriend thought maybe nightbot and stream elements weren’t mods so i tried to mod them but twitch said they already were. i then went on stream elements and nightbot and made them part and re-join the party and they still don’t work. i don’t know what else to try.
i hope you guys can help. please and thank you.

well, i can assure u that u can have timers from as many bots as u have, they don’t interfere with each other at all… and for streamelements, they had a crazy issue that broke like half the bot for several weeks, but that stuff is cleared up… and most of the issues have been due to twitch changes… BUT, this is a very strange issue, and even stranger that parting and rejoining didn’t fix as that was my first thought when i started reading…
i’m assuming u’ve already made sure they’re not disabled and that u were typing enough messages between the intervals, correct? … have u used any command variables in the timers?, sometimes command variables make it not work, most specifically $(eval )… something to try if that is the case, alias it out to a command and put the content into the command instead of the timer

i don’t use commands on my stream,its very rare that i do so i know that shouldn’t be an issue.
but yeah they’re not disabled. and i wasn’t typing in chat my boyfriend was. he typed 5 lines since i changed my timers to that and it wasn’t working. i don’t know if all the lines need to be by different people,or what.
but i might have to command an alias like you said. i’m not seeing any other way to fix it.

it doesn’t need to be different people, but if only 5 messages, u may have missed the window… it has a certain timing for the intervals and if u say some of the messages before and some after it passes, it won’t count the first ones… u kinda just need to keep typing until it triggers when testing… (not really, but is easiest way to explain it)
also, for nightbot timers u don’t have to be live for them to trigger, although u can add some code to make it only trigger when u’re live

well i was streaming again tonight for 5 hours, and i had multiple people talking/multiple lines and none of my timers won’t off. i might have to mess with the alias thing or try and test some more in my chat while offline.

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