My Nightbot send my Timers Messages to fast

I use Nightbot for my Twitch Chat and have made several messages with the Timers function that should be sent in 15 minutes each, but when the first message has been sent, they are all sent one after the other in a certain period of time and not every 15 minutes and thus spam my Twitch chat full. I need Help

Do you have every timer set to post every 15 minutes with the same chat line requirement?

Hey @littleclone_1!

Which means all of your timers will stack up if you set all of them at 15 minutes interval.

What are you trying to do?
4 timers: 1st at x:00, 2nd at x:15, 3rd at x:30, and last at x:45?

If so, or something close, look at the following topics:

Note: you could do the one below with Pastebin instead of the Quote API, which is preferable:

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