My emote Sadge... pls help

Recently (december 28) i uploaded an emote of a monkey titled MongkyU recently with the removal of Pog’s from ffz i renamed it to PogU. Coincidentally another (much larger) streamer made an emote very similar (totally ok with me as i dont own the source material) his emote is private while mine happens to be public. However for seemingly no reason my emote got reported and taken down for approval. It in o way violates any twitch or bttv tos guidelines as bttv has decided to not remove pog the name shouldnt even be a problem. Im wondering if i could get help with this because in my personal experience it can take weeks for an emote to get approved. THANKS :slight_smile:

sorry if this isnt the right place for this if it isnt i would like directory to that lol thx

For account specific matters please reach out to us via email: NightDev