Mw command not working

I had assistance from here in making a stat tracking command for warzone stats that looked like this : $(eval a=JSON.parse(decodeURIComponent($(querystring $(urlfetch json;Total Wins: ${a.wins} | Total Kills: ${a.kills} | Best KDR: ${a.kdRatio} | Total Downs: ${a.downs} | Top 25: ${a.topTwentyFive} | Top 10: ${a.topTen} | Total Contracts: ${a.contracts} | Top 5: ${a.topFive} | Score: ${a.score})

since the new season came out it has just stopped working, nightbot gives this error message; Cannot read property ‘mode’ of undefined

when i got to the JSON payload where it pulls the info for the stats it gives me this message: {“status”:“error”,“data”:{“type”:“”,“message”:“Not permitted: not authenticated”}} and where i go to get that message is

this command was a huge hit i would like to get it working. thank you!

Hiya, hmm since the error says ‘not permitted’, they might not offer a public API anymore.

is there anyway to see why the no longer offer it or steps to be able to have them offer it again?

You would have to ask them, not us.

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