MultiSet command

I have made a multi command for stream but i have to set it every single time when typing it in. Is there anyway to do a multiset command so i can set the command once then do !multi to give the updated multi link


I’m going to use as an example. Set up two commands, !multi which gives a multitwitch link and !multiset which edits that link.

!addcom -cd=5 !multi Watch these streamers on Multitwitch:

!addcom !multiset -a=!editcom !multi Watch these streamers on Multitwitch:$(eval decodeURIComponent(`$(querystring)`).replace(/ /g,`/`).slice(0,340)||`$(channel)`)

To edit the Multitwitch link, run this command:

!multiset [streamer 1] [streamer 2] [streamer 3] [etc...]

Where the streamer names are separated by spaces.

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