Multiple values without tagging himself

Hello,I’m having not that much knowledge about writing commands, I would like to know is there a possibility to make a command where I can tag 2 persons in 1 command I saw already one other article here but if I only wanted to tag 1 person I tagged myself too with it.

1.!settings person1 person2 (link)
2.!settings person1 myself (link)

Because in some situations I only need to tag 1 person and in some 2 persons
And I would like to avoid always tagging myself when I tag 1 person

I used this one here
!(cmdName) $(eval a=decodeURIComponent($(querystring)).split( );a.length? (sentence) ${a[0]} ${a[1]||$(user)}:Enter at least 1 user)

I Hope the persons which will reading it can understand my trash English :^)

The code up there is more complex than your use case. If you just need a command that prints whatever is in the user query, then this is enough.

!addcom -cd=5 !cmdName (sentence) $(query)

Holy thanks for helping me, really much appreciate <3

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