Multiple issues in app & web dashboard

I’ve been attempting to replace Streamlabs Chatbot with Nightbot on stream tonight but it appears Nightbot is feeling a bit feisty tonight.

1. Whenever I try to edit a command, I get an Internal Server Error whenever I click Submit. This occurs in Firefox, Chrome, and the Nightbot Windows app. I just barely checked the server status page and everything is currently up.
2. My commands page shows absolutely zero commands. I don’t have any custom commands yet but I find it odd that it doesn’t show any of the default commands.

The combination of these two issues currently makes Nightbot unusable for me. Any assistance is greatly appreciated.

Default command editing is broken at the moment due to some upgrades being performed today. It should be fixed soon. You can edit custom commands over at

Editing default commands should be fixed at this time.

Thanks for responding. Default command editing is definitely working. What about the command page not showing any default commands? Is that the intended behavior or no?

The default commands are not intended to be in the custom commands page for your channel. Our default commands are all documented at

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