Multiple emotes in YouTube live chat become 1 when sent

When I try and send multiple emotes together in YouTube live chat using the BetterTTV browser extension (version 7.5.2) only 1 emote gets sent.

Also, if I put an emote after a comment, my comment disappears and only the emote gets sent. Yet if I put the emote before the comment, it’s OK and the comment gets sent. But again, if I select multiple emotes, only 1 gets sent.

This happens with all emotes (BetterTTV and default YouTube ones) in both Brave (version 1.48.171) and Firefox (version 110.0.1) browsers on Windows 10 even after disabling all other extensions or addons.

Has anyone else had this happen or know how to fix it?

I’m not able to reproduce this locally. Have you tried disabling other browser extensions which affect YouTube to see if it’s a conflict?

Hi there, thanks for your reply.

As stated in my original comment, I have tried it after disabling all other extensions or addons in both Brave and Firefox including the YouTube specific ones like BlockTube, SponsorBlock and Return YouTube Dislike and then opening a new window after disabling them to make sure that they’re really disabled.

I tried linking to a quick video I made showing how all my extensions are disabled and it still happening when I write and send emotes in YT live chat, but it won’t let me add any links.

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