Multiple death counters and stream death total with stream death reset

a friend of mine is wanting to add a command death counter but where having trouble making it work, our current plan is too have 3 death counts (1 for story deaths 1 for sidequest deaths and the final 1 for stream deaths) the stream deaths would need a way to be reset without fiddling with the other 2 counters as well as be automatically increased each time 1 of the other 2 goes up

current ideas for commands are as follows
!ripm adds to the mainstory death counter
!rips adds to the sidestory death counter

any help would be appreciated

edit: a way for people to check the tally would need to be present as well (!deaths = X died 10x story 5x side, 4 deaths this stream)

Hey @darkdruidsvale!

Here’s a topic that should help you, you just need to adapt it to fit your case:

Be aware that this isn’t the intended use of the Quote API, therefore the amount of support I’ll be giving on the topic is limited.

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