Multiple bot reactions in one command

Hey guys, I’m sort of new to setting Nightbot’s custom commands. So the question I’m having here is, how can I make Nightbot react with it’s natural response and respond right afterwards with another command containing the count variable. I want the initial command to be !lewd ~text~ @user, and then another command to count how many times ‘!lewd’ has been used in another text, All prompted with !lewd.

You can only trigger a single response with Nightbot.

So I can’t make a count command trigger from a different command?

You can, however when you do that, you won’t be able to customize the text that Nightbot will display when it edits another command.

Sorry, I don’t follow…

You can make this whole thing a lot simpler and just put the entire response on one Nightbot command:

!lewd [command response for !lewd] @$(user) This command has been used $(count) times so far.


Also, what xger means is that you can set up a command on Nightbot with a $(count) variable in it. Then you can set up another Nightbot command that edits the counter value of the former command. But when you use this value-editing command, the response that Nightbot displays to the user cannot be changed to show the new counter value.

Hi, it actually is possible to make Nightbot send multiple messages in response to a single command, by using the Nightbot-Response-Url header that Nightbot sends with urlfetch requests.

I made a site that uses this method. Type this into your chat to add the command (replace ~text~ with what you want):

!addcom !lewd $(urlfetch$(querystring ~text~ @$(user))/$(querystring Count: $(count)))

If you want to add a delay, or add more than two responses, go to this site to customize the command.

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