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Most of my messages don't show up on the screen when I win a nightbot giveaway

A few days ago I ended up winning some giveaways from streamers using nightbot. But when my name showed up and I typed on the chat, just the first message appeared on the nightbot giveaway screen, and the other messages didn’t show up on both cases. Later, I tested it myself and no matter what I do only the first message pops up on the nightbot screen. Could someone help me? Because I have no idea what is causing this problem.

Hey @vdagod!

Your issue doesn’t make any sense.
You won the giveaway, so there’s no problem here.
Now, for messages to show up on stream, it’s on the streamer’s broadcasting software side. For Twitch, no message are usually hidden, unless the streamer set up a filter. For YouTube, it’s likely that only Top chat messages show up, and not Live Chat messages, how messages are categorized between the two, it’s a mystery, probably YouTube’s algorithm if I had to guess.
This is very much a non-issue.
Unless you’re talking about something else completely, but in that case, be more specific with the description of your issue, because I’m unsure of what you mean by giveaway screen, it could be many things.

It’s possible there was some kind of service issue when you were experiencing this, but I am not able to reproduce this locally at this time: