More SpamBot Block options?

Hi All. Recently YouTube chat has been getting hit hard with a Spam bot(s). I have keywords entered in the Blacklist Words/Phrase, I have “Check Unsername” enabled as well as “Silent” enabled, and I have used the WildCard with every combination I could think of. I have even went into YouTube Community Settings and entered the same keywords. However, they get getting through with different comments such as )!!! or !!!). I have learned that there maybe an option for Regex code. I am not a coder and I have tried researching this and trying out multiple codes that I have found with no luck. The website of this spammer is on the user name like this: WEB CAMS-CHAT . COM … (and then whatever else they come up with after that). I have blocked and removed them 100’s of times. Is there code that can be created and inserted in the Blacklist area that will block a username? If not, is there code that can be inserted to block nonsense chat such as !!!) and any version of punctuation and symbols? Has anyone been successful at blocking this? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

Well there a few way it may be possible to block them if there’s any common things in their usernames and if they always say the same stuff. But I will caution that with spammer they will almost definitely find a work around eventually so pretty much any solution is temporary.

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Hey @Deerfield_Beach!

There’s no way to automatically block usernames that match a Regex as of now, but that is an interesting idea.
In the meantime, it’s YouTube’s job to deal with those accounts.

As @potatoeaterlove said, spammers will always find a work around, but if you still want to block variations of )!), regardless of the amount of each symbols, this should do: /\)+\!+\)+/

PS: you can use paragraphs to make your messages easier to read. :wink:


I am a long-winded person and talk in run-on sentences! Can you tell?:rofl:. Thank you for your help. I know they will find a workaround eventually, as I hope to find another block to that workaround. But if it can slow them down and keep them quiet for a couple of weeks, I will take it.

Thank you for your help and input.

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Oopsie, my bad, I meant to give you a different Regex actually: /\)+\!+|\!+\)+/

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