More short commands like !sr?

Hey folks!

Currently I’m trying to get used to nightbot. While searching how to set up an alias for “!songs request” I found out that “!sr” works aswell. I’m wondering if there’re more short commands which aren’T listed in the Bot-Docs.

I want short commands like
-"!list" for “!songs list”
-"!next" for “!songs next”
-"!current" for “!songs current”

Thanks for your help! I really appreciate it!

While those aren’t available as default ‘short commands’ (they are referred to as aliases mainly) you can add them on your own! Just copy paste these lines into chat for each of the commands you want:

!commands add !list -a=!songs list

!commands add !next -a=!songs next

!commands add !current -a=!songs current

-a= tells the command to run whatever comes after (in these cases its !songs) with the text that comes after.

Oh my, thanks!

That looks quiet easyer than going into the Settingspanel of Nightbot to add custom command /alias. Always ended in an error…

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