Monthly giveaway timer?

I want to do a giveaway that ends at the end of each month. How do I do this using the giveaways function? Do I set no timer and then just do the draw at the start of the next month? If there is no timer, will it stay open even after the stream ends? I want to make sure when my stream ends I don’t lose all the entrants.

Also, do I use a command or alias command to make a note for the entrant? For instance if I make the entry word “giveaway” do I make a command !giveaway and then type in the information I want them to see when they enter? I wish the instructions on all of this were more clear.

The problem with the nightbot giveaway system in this instance would be that it’s not intended for month long giveaways. So for your specific use case you might find [CustomAPI] Queue system useful in your situation if you have any questions please ask.

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