Mods should have access to the songlist panel

Why do mods not have access to the songlist panel? - You should do, so every mod (or only the permitted ones) are able to delete the songs with the trashcan, instead of using the commands to do it. - It will make it alot easier to clear big songlists.

Cheers! - Hope you will make it someday! <3

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You can actually do this by making them nightbot panel managers. This gives them direct access to all nightbot functions though and allows them to create timers as well.

I believe it is this way because a user on the nightbot site is not tied to anything other than 3 main things usually: twitch broadcasters on their page, nightbot managers, and average users. The nightbot site doesn’t track whether a person on the page is a regular or moderator or anything. It would be too much to constantly check something that could change like that all the time.

This is just why i think it is that way though, i thought it was said before on the forums but i can’t find a concrete thread with that as the response ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

We also would like to offer limited access to mods but Twitch’s only means of getting a list of mods is through chat. There’s no API to fetch mods or check mod status, which we would need in order to let mods login.

Would it be possible for you to create a new category other than regulars where we can enter our mods into it? Since mods shouldn’t change that often, it might be a good solution to that :slight_smile:

You mean the managers system which already exists?

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I guess I did not read the answer from Slikrick… You’re right, it’s exactly that. Sorry!

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