Mods editing autoDJ songlist + Followers only

Sorry in advance if this has already been asked (I did a quick/brief search but couldn’t find much).

Is there a way to make it so that my moderators are able to edit the songlist? As of right now, I believe it is only the broadcaster that is able to do so, unless there’s an option I’m missing. The !skipsong chat command is useful, but because of the stream delay any offensive songs requested often play for a few seconds before mods realise, so I’d like for them to have permission on my behalf to skip such requested material.

Is it also possible to make it so that only followers can request songs?

Thanks in advance!

On the Commands Page there is a command called !delsong <song id>. That with a song id, moderators can delete songs in advance. To get the song id, anyone can go to the channels songs list page:


Any moderator can use !skipsong or !delsong and there is no permission to change with it.

And currently no, you can not limit song requests to just followers or above. To change the requirement to request songs !songrequest userlevel sub/reg/mod/off. This command is moderator only as well.

You could try using regulars but that would be manual to add them to the list. The choice is yours.

Good Luck.

Awesome, thanks for the help! :smiley:

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