Mods can't promote songs

Hello, i am a moderator and manager for Dankus_Memecus twitch channel. We frequently use song request during stream, but this week we’ve had issues.

It started with us getting logged out automatically from nightbot. After that mods can’t promote songs in chat, nightbot responds with a message saying that they don’t have permission to. All other commands work just fine, and there is no error messages and permissions seems fine.

I can still promote songs in the nightbot control panel since I’m manager, but we want to do it in the chat. I’ve gone through all settings and nothing has changed or is wrong. We’ve tried logging in and out from nightbot and also detaching and re attaching nightbot to the twitch channel. I have no clue what to do at this point.

I’ve tried the same thing in 4 different twitch channel I’m moderator in, and i can’t promote in any of them. All other commands work just fine.

Help is much appreciated, with friendly regards


Hey, I am another Moderator of Dankus_Memecus. We realised we are having the same problem in my channel. Mods can’t promote there either. The error message is “There was an error promoting the song. Error: You do not have permission to promote that song request” is this know from the side of the developer? The only was to promote songs is if a manager is doing it over the nightbot side.

Kind regards, pBurritos


same exact problem on my channel as well. I have to promote the songs myself as the streamer- mods can’t promote for some reason :confused:

The same problem. I´m moderator in one channel!

This issue should now be resolved.

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Thank you! I will reply if we still have issues

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