Moderator Badge Doesn't Work for Nightbot

Nightbot no longer has the green sword moderator badge on Twitch. The icon now looks like a weird ugly bot thing. I hate it, and it’s causing me unreasonable OCD. Please bring back Nightbot’s moderator sword! Thank you!! xD

Edit: apparently other people can still see the green badge. It’s just me having this issue. Help?!

Nightbot badge

Hey @jackiedae!

That’s a BetterTTV option, and as far as I know, this isn’t possible to turn it off for Nightbot. If someone knows otherwise, please correct me.

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Thanks Emily. I still feel like it’s a bug or something on my end? I have friends who have BTTV installed and are seeing the green sword moderator badge, whereas I’m not. I have tried searching through both Nightbot and BTTV settings and can’t find anything about badge appearance.

It’s not a bug, it’s a BetterTTV feature, and it’s not possible to turn it off. It’s possible your friends don’t load the bot icon and therefore still see the moderator icon, but that’s a bug in that case.
I guess you can try to prevent this address from answering with an ad-blocker, but I don’t guarantee any result:

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