Misusing Nightbot Commands

I was the victim of an online bullying campaign where the person responsible has a link posted as a nightbot ! command and I was wondering how to report the abuse

Is this on his channel ? If so then you should start by reporting the channel to Twitch or Youtube (whichever his channel is on).

I definitely did, and he tried deleting it, so I was trying to get in contact with NightBot support, because they will have logs.

Does he save his stream videos ? If they are available then you could send the link with the time stamp of where it was getting used to Twitch

Yes, I stream too, so it’s something I tried, but the VOD has also been deleted, but as I mentioned they will also have logs when they review, including deleted VODs and chat. So it’s just more wait and see. I don’t think he was aware it was actually illegal IRL and he’s regretting it.

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