MIA in twitch chat

Hi , can you help me get nightbot back in my twitch chat . I have done the all steps in the post in troubleshooting, I have tried logging in using twitch hoping that would work but it’s just not in my channel at all .

Along with logging in and out - have you also tried parting nightbot from your stream and joining again? ( Nightbot )

Screenshot 2023-02-05 06.56.51

I have made it a mod . But still no reply to any requests using!

Once you’ve added it and removed it check if nightbot blocked or ignored on your account?
Type /unignore nightbot in chat to unignore it
and double-check you don’t have nightbot blocked: Twitch

I have checked it and tested and is it is not .

Are the default commands enabled and set to the correct user level?

Hey @daz300!

Not sure if you still have issues, but it looks like it’s working fine:

Sorry, all flexed I did the leave channel then rejoin thing . Thank you everyone that posted and helped me .

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This was happening to me as well, I had to remove Nightbot from the channel, and readd it, and its been working fine since.

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