Messaging winner of give away (Youtube)

Hi, so I did a few giveaways in the past while streaming on Youtube using Nightbot.
Everything is working fine, I click roll it, Nightbot chooses a winner, the “private chat window” opens up…

…but I can´t send messages. It seems like it´s just one direction, the winner can message me, but not vice versa.
It´s a pain in the ass.

And if I talk on stream (so he can hear me) about how he can reach me via e-mail, everyone on stream hears it, so the real winner is not the only one reaching out to me pretending being the winner obviously.

When I talk on stream about how he should put his/her email adress in the private chat, the nightbot filters the emailadress, and the message can´t reach me.

So my solution so far is always explaining how the winner should type his email in several parts, so the filter doesn´t affect it. And everytime I hope it will work. There has to be another solution.

thx for the help

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Hey @tea!

The issue with the private chat window has nothing to do with Nightbot, YouTube removed this functionality, so that’s weird they can send you a message to start with.

What I can advise you is to make a Discord server, and instead of having people leaking their email address, ask them for their Discord username, including the discriminator, so for example:

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