Messages Being Deleted Accidentally

A chatter came into our stream and his messages were getting deleted by “< spam deleted >” and he wasn’t spamming. It was every single message.

This is not done by accident. It’s a BTTV feature that identifies spam by detecting when someone is sending the exact same message in multiple channels. The feature is meant to protect users from potentially harmful links and other spam.

Additionally, you can always disable the feature in the BTTV Settings under Hide Spam Messages.

no, it is being done accidental because this chatter wasn’t spamming. He was just chatting normally and his messages were getting deleted. It happened multiple times. And when I turn that off the ACTUAL spam bots are shown.

Instead of saying “a chatter,” why don’t you specify the spammer’s name so I can post the exact logs of him spamming?

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the name is Nocrya. I apologize.

The user appeared to be rapidly requesting the same song across multiple channels, thus triggering the flag.

nocrya -> #tinner10tin: !songrequest (Prior Spammer: false) (Other Channels: doktorfroid,gaminglive_tv1,boothebun)
nocrya -> #tonesbalones: !songrequest (Prior Spammer: true) (Other Channels: doktorfroid,gaminglive_tv1,boothebun,tinner10tin)
nocrya -> #goseigen: !songrequest (Prior Spammer: true) (Other Channels: boothebun,tinner10tin,tonesbalones)

Flags only last an hour on our server, but last until page refresh on clients. If you’re still seeing a flag, you can refresh to clear it.

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