Mentions not longer highlighted in red

So I have an issue with mentions isnt highlighted in red anymore. I have gone through all the settings and have tried them all in both on and off, but cant get it to work. When someone in chat is @ me, my name is only highlighted by twitch default and not in red as it used to be. I also dont get any sound notification anymore and cant get the mesage to be pinned in top.

I have removed bttv and adding it back again (chrome), added my name in “set highlight keywords” and as mentioned tried switching various related options in the settings to both on and off to see if it helped.

Anyone have an idea to what I am missing or what might be wrong?

Did you recently change your Twitch name? If so, that may be why. In any case, to fix this you just need to re-add your username to your highlights list. In the chat settings you can click on “Set Highlight Keywords” and then make sure you have jeppeh in that box.

Thats what I have done to “fix” it. However this is not how it used to be. Before It was “highlighted” in red eitherway. Now it is a bit annoying when I have put my own name in the highlight keywords, because that makes it red and make a sound even when I write in chat. Before it was only when other people mentioned me.

I have indeed changed my name tho, but the issue apperad long after I changed it.

If it’s highlighting when you speak, you may not have entered your name properly into the highlights list. Make sure you are using just jeppeh and not (jeppeh)

Thank you, it finally working now! =)

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