!marker command not working for VIP/regulars

I am trying to enable the !marker command for VIPs on a channel I moderate for.

The !marker command works great for me (I do have editor rights on twitch), and another moderator (they might have editor rights as well but I am not sure) that I had test. Example “Nightbot: @MODNAME → A stream marker has been created at 1285s”

!marker however doesn’t work for two VIPs (they wouldn’t have editor rights) I have had test. They enter the !marker command and Nightbot doesn’t respond at all.

The stream is live, the command is enabled, it has been more than the command cooldown time, the command is set to VIPs, etc.

As a workaround I tried changing it to regulars, and manually made the two testers a regular (not a feature we use on this channel) and again no response from Nightbot.

There doesn’t seem to be a lot of options on !marker or regulars so not sure if I am missing something? I assume the people using the command don’t actually need editor rights in Twitch as I thought that was one of the advantages of having Nightbot run the command.

Let me know if you have any ideas.


Unless I’m mistaken, the default !marker command is restricted to moderator and above userlevels (with owners being above). This functionality also exists for commands like !commands where the moderator functions of creating/editing/deleting commands cannot be given to a lower userlevel.