Making !game in a different command

Hey there! Trying to make a command mention the name of the game and cant figure out the formula.
I crack jokes that games are homophobic, so a viewer had the idea to make a command to “!nohomo” and nightbot to reply “stop being homophobic (name of game)”
I cannot for the life of me get it to mention the game title.
Any help is appreciated

Hey @deet64!

This will do the job:

!addcom !nohomo $(twitch $(channel) "Stop being homophobic {{game}}")

Thanks! That’s for a channel though, I’m just trying to get it to call the name of the game I’m playing though

This command will give the game the streamer is currently playing, if that’s not what you’re looking for, I’m afraid I don’t understand what you want.

It gave me “unknown twitch channel”

Example; I’m playing banjo kazooie today. I curse at it when I die. So chat wants to type “!nohomo” and have nightbot reply “stop being homophobic banjo kazooie”
But i do this playing zelda too. So what’s a variable to make it say the game title each time.

Yes, that’s exactly what this command is doing.

Have you changed anything to what I wrote?
Usually people change $(channel) when they don’t need to, if you had to I would have specified it.

:confused: it just gives me “unknown twitch channel”
Unless it’s because I’m offline now and not streaming

The command should work regardless of you streaming or not since it’s Twitch.
Do you mind posting here the command you entered in your chat?

Edit: issue fixed in Twitch chat.

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