Making a !host/!donation command

Is there a way to make a !host command and a !donation command to thank people when they host or donate. I know there is a way to thank them like general, but to specifically thank the person. Not like thanks for the host, but more like thanks for the host (name)

Use $(ToUser) for something in this case. More information can be found here.

I have tried but sadly it only works for the person activating the command

Make sure when you use the command you follow the command name (!host or !donation) with the user you want to thank.

So if you create a !host command such as !commands add !host Thanks for the host $(touser)

Typing !host ExampleUser would return Thanks for the host ExampleUser

Ah gotcha thanks. It works, but not what I expected. I was hoping it could also make the name clickable like for other people to check the other person who hosted like !host ExampleUser would return Thanks for the host without me having to type in the in myself.

You can do that by simply adding before $(touser)

!commands add !host Thanks for the host$(touser)

Cool thanks for everything! everything works out

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