Make Nightbot invisible to non-mods

Hello. I am new to Nightbot. I am an admin/mod for a recently new Discord server and was wondering if there is a way to hide Nightbot from non admins/mods? I am currently in the process of setting up Nightbot for the server but don’t have it integrated as of yet. I did at one point but removed it until it’s completely set up with special commands and blacklists. Please let me know if there is a way to hide Nightbot from non-mods/admins. Thank you.

Hiya, what kind of hiding do you mean, non mods can’t use commands? Or they don’t see the Nightbot responses? Or something else?
If you are in the process of setting it up, you could make separate channel for just mods, or for just bots, and give Nightbot only access to that specific channel. So it will ignore all other channels.

Hello @xgerhard ,
When Nightbot is intergrated with the server, it shows up on the right side of the screen with everyone else. What I want to do is not have Nightbot be there to where the non-mods/non-admins can see that we have it, like on YouTube. The only time non-mods/non-admins will know that Nightbot is there is when one of the commands are given and it pops up.
Also, What this discord server is, it’s for railroading fans and originally it was set up for Virtual Station Agents like myself, who log the trains that go by the camera that we monitor on YouTube. But, recently we opened it by invite only. We do have certain channels only for mods/admins. If I want to have Nightbot only monitor the ones open to the public, where would I find the info to set that up? Thank you for you time.

Hey @Joseph_W!

You can’t hide an user from the Members List, except if that member doesn’t have the permissions to read the channel’s messages, in which case Nightbot wouldn’t be able to answer to commands calls either.

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