Make chat look like Diablo 2 chat

Hi. I need help editing the CSS to look like the old Diablo 2 battlenet lobby chat.

What I cant figure out is how to disable/hide all emote’s.
Add “</>” in front and after username ( Message)
And also is there a way to enable/disable “smooth fonts” or whatever it is called?

//Best Regards. Crimson

.nick:before {
    content: '<'

.nick:after {
    content: '>'

.emoticon {
    display: none;

for font smoothing, you can try -webkit-font-smoothing: none; but I’m not sure how well it works. And the font you may already know is Formal436

Good luck!

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Dude, you are a hero. Big thanks!
One thing left thought. How do i remove the “:” between the username and the message (: Message)?

.colon {
    display: none;
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Damn brah. thanks for the help. wish every community forum was this helpful.

I want to thank everyone that helped me. the project was for a friend. and this was the end result when I was finished with the overlay:

Btw. is it possible to change just the owner/mod name. example, have it in bold text, or another color?

That looks nice!

Yes that should you be possible, try this:

For mods:

.mod + .nick{
    color: green!important; 
    font-weight: bold;

For broadcaster:

.broadcaster + .nick{
    color: yellow!important;
    font-weight: bold;

Change the color to whatever you like, you’ll have to use !important to override the current css.
More info about font-weight here.

nice. will try it out when I get back from work.

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