Loses settings after Firefox 90 update

After updating to Firefox 90 bttv loses imported settings after awhile. I didn’t change anything in firefox or bttv. I’m not sure what’s causing it. I can clear history (I don’t have cookies selected), restart firefox, and bttv settings are fine, but after awhile of using the browser the imported settings eventually disappear.

Hey @Wypall!

Is it possible you have an antivirus, or any software really, it could even be your browser itself, that clears your cookies and cache regularly?

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I’m using a cookie manager that was working fine before the update. I whitelisted twitch. It does clear cookies regularly when I leave a site or restart the browser. When bttv started doing this I disabled the cookie manager and used another one. It happens with the other cookie manager too. I suppose it’s possible after the update both cookie managers aren’t working properly but all other websites I have whitelisted are working fine. All except twitch.

I’ll try not using a cookie manager at all and see what happens but it seems unlikely that both cookie managers are affected and twitch is the only site ignoring the whitelisting setting.

That’s very true, it’d be odd it wouldn’t work only with Twitch, I suggest maybe whitelisting betterttv.com as well.

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I’ll try that thanks.

Whitelisting bettertv didn’t work. Still lost bttv settings. I’m gonna try disabling cookie managers. It’s weird. I can restart the browser, restart my pc, shutdown my pc, and the bttv settings will still remain but then it somehow randomly loses settings when I’m not really doing anything. Maybe it’s some firefox addon that needs to be updated. Nobody else seems to have this problem so it must be something specific with my browser.

That’s a shame, and it sounds indeed weird, I found an issue similar to yours on the repository, that’d be great if you could add more info to it.

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k thanks for trying to help

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