Looking to Make KapChat look like this?

Hello there!

Recently went past a streamer using KapChat and I like how large the text is along with how it fits well within the border. You can see a screenshot here: https://imgur.com/a/rkGi7

I’ve created a border that’s close to the same dimensions, but I’m having some trouble having KapChat scale in OBS without the text blurring along with having the text in chat fit the parameters of the border. Any help would be much appreciated!

Your border box should be the width and height set in OBS. Scaling the Browser Object will cause blurry text.

Once you have a good border set I would play with the font-size using something like

#chat_box .chat_line { font-size: 18px; }

I’ve recreated something like your image using these steps.

Where do I need to input this line of text? A Picture of it through OBS would be great!

Thanks your the support :slight_smile:

In your list of sources in OBS open the properties of the ‘KapChat BrowserSource’, there you will find a box titled CSS, place that line there. There you will also find the width/height setting Aaron was talking about, customize the size of the KapChat box there.

http://prntscr.com/hal7j7 I’ve changed the text, but the boxes it fits in don’t seem to adjust to the font size?

At this point. It’s because of other issues, such as the line-height is too small. I’d be careful in making the font larger than ~20pt.

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