Looking for current death counter comms

There’s many deathcounter posts, but they all seem to be long outdated… Especially those using “!commands add !death …”

I am specifically looking for 3 commands;
reset death counter to 0
view death counter (without adding)
set death counter to custom number.


Try these commands:
Reset to zero: !addcom !resetdeath -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !deaths $(channel) has died 0 times.
View current deaths: !addcom !deaths $(channel) has died 0 times
Set deaths to an amount: !addcom !adddeath -ul=moderator -a=!editcom !deaths $(channel) has died $(1) times.

(Note idk how to do the thing to make commands their own text box so bear with me)

Hey @aussiegamerguy92!

@potatoeaterlove almost had it perfectly.

Have a look here: Having trouble setting up death counter

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