Looking for a prediction command

I mostly stream dota 2 matches and would like to give my viewers the opportunity to predict who they think is gonna win for the first 5-10 min.

I’d like to have a command that I can start, and then viewers can either type !radiant or !dire to predict which one they think is gonna win.
then it will close after a certain amount of time.

And then I can enter later, who won, and it will give 1 point to everybody who voted that way.

Even better if it it can form that up into some sort of a leaderboard or so. if not, I’d want to at least be able to see who got points so I can make the leaderboard manually.

Is there a way to make something like that work? I think the difficult part is, it is pretty much opening a question, where I will enter later what the ‘right’ answer was.

You could probably do this with @ehsankia’s quote API https://community.nightdev.com/t/customapi-quote-system/7871 if you reset it after each match.
Just have the users type !radiant or !dire at the start and enter that into the quote list with there name before it using $(user)%20dire/radiant at the end of the add quote link.
You will have to count it manually most likely and enter it into a table yourself but this should work tell me if you need me to elaborate more on this.

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