List of just the commands for a TWITCH streamer

When I send my chat users to the commands link in Nightbot to see the commands listed (using format nightbot dot tv/t/(user name)/commands) it shows the commands PLUS the descriptions.

Is there a way to just a listing of the commands to not spoil the surprise?

well, i have an unconventional solution that i employ on a few channels i mod for… i put everything in an eval… like this, for a simple response

command: !greet

response: $(eval “hello, welcome to the stream”)

and in the command list all they see is !greet… [eval]

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So for instance my shout-out command !so would look like this?

$(eval Be sure to follow the amazing $(touser) at (link to touser’s channel) They have epic streams.)

Is that right or do I need the quotes and does it work with the additional arguments within?

Okay, I see I need the quotes.

yeah, need the quotes, lol… and all will work within, however if u’re already using an eval for some kinda calculation or formatting or whatever, i would structure it slightly different, just to include all of the other text in the already existing eval ^^

because u can only nest 3 command variables deep, meaning, like your link to their channel, if u’re using the twitch command variable with the touser command variable inside, that being inside the eval is already 3 command variables deep

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