List of guesses from users?

Hey guys im trying to look for some kinda system vcia nightbot where i can have my viewers guess what number i’ll get the shiny encounter at.

so !guess 333 would then add their guess to a list in which if i did !list it would return either a url for the current list of show the list in chat. been looking around but i cant find something that returns what i require. best ive found is [CustomAPI] Queue system but the !list command doesnt show the data that the user put in on the !join text part.

Does anyone have a quick fix to change that or a version that does what i need?

That quote system that you linked does offer what your looking for and could be aliased to allow for single use commands such as !list and !guess. You’d need to be careful about cooldowns though as only one user could guess every 5 seconds.

Okay how would i achieve thus? i would generally only want each follower to enter 1 single guess and once the hunt is over i’d reset the list. but my only issue is when i do !list it only shows usernames and not that they entered as extra text.

Sorry im bit of a noob when it comes to custom api stuff

Well first get the commands required from the post.

You can then edit the !addquote command to include a username along with the guess and wrap the number in quotes so you can search it such like so

$(urlfetch$(querystring $(user) - "$(query)"))

Then you could search for a number by doing !quote "350" and it would return matching results

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