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hey, is there a readily available way to make (these are place holder commands and responses for the purpose of asking this question) a command like !list which returns “list : item1 item2 item3” which you can then add to with “editlist item4” to add the new entry, and then keep using it to add to the expanding list without editing the edit command?

That is unfortunately not easily possible at this time, sorry.

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This can be done with this quote system: [CustomAPI] Quote system

Because these commands contain private tokens, you should add them through the Nightbot web interface:

Go to You will see three lines. Your first token is after token= and before &data= on the first line. Your second token is after token= and before &data= on the second and third lines. Replace FIRSTTOKEN and SECONDTOKEN with these before you add the following commands.


$(urlfetch$(querystring $(query) ))


You may want to set the userlevels for !editlist and !clearlist to Moderator.

thank you for the reply

this does work, to an extent. When i try to edit the “list” (which i have set as drops) i get an error, however it does still work, just annoying to have that message pop up whenever you try to add to the list

It looks like you set the alias for !newdrop to !commands. Go to and delete everything from the alias field for !newdrop.

ugh yeah im dumb, i had it set to that from previous experiments, again thank you very much dude you are a legend

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