Links not showing

I have a !Discord command, and the link will not show. in logs it shows the message was read and went through. links also dont work with any of my mods, any fix?

Hey @ZimicPlayz!

Which platform are you on? Is the bot responding at all? Can you take a screenshot of its answer if it does? — These are questions that you should have answered when you asked for help.

Also, please use the search bar before opening a new topic, it’s very likely that this one solves your issue:

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I’m also having issues with trying to get my custom discord command to work. I have it all set up and when I do it. It does not work at all when I issue the command

Hey @acidragonn!

Commands on Discord aren’t really supported, it’s a bonus when you use the bot to sync moderators and regulars from Twitch, but in case of anything else breaks we don’t provide much support, and fixes are slow to come, we recommend getting a bot that is made with Discord in mind instead.
You can make sure the bot has the correct permissions to work properly, that’s the most common issue.

No im just trying to have nightbot when i type !discord, say to my viewers to please join my discord over at (insert the discord link) thats all

Can it not do that?

Ah, yes, you can do that, sorry for the confusion.
Make sure Nightbot is a moderator and check your Twitch settings with the topic I linked before.

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