Linking To Twitch VOD At Requested Time

Hello Everyone, I know you are all the Guru’s here on Nightbot. I personally have been trying to find an example of how to get nightbot to call my livestream on the current VOD/livestream with a !replay command <# of Minutes> to view the vod minus the number of min requested.

I personally have no idea how to call this as I am not a coder of any sorts. I would also like to pull a random clip for chat to see.

Is this something that is possible at all? Or am I Just lost in a sea of code that I will never survive in?

Appreciate any and all help/guidance as I want to learn and think It would be a great addition.

Hey @laccade!

I have no immediate solution for you, but you could commission someone to write the code for you, Twitch has API endpoints that should help you get what you want:
To get the VODs, pick the most recent one of the list, and then use ?t=NNhNNmNNs to target a specific timestamp (N are numbers).
To get the clips, and then just randomly pick one out of the list.

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