Link Protection doesn't check commands

A channel I moderate has the link protection enabled for all non-regular users. We also have the song request module enabled, both command and module are for regular users.

When a non-regular users posts a link, then it will be blocked, that’s fine, but when they use the !sr command the link won’t be removed.

Is this by design or is there an option to enable link protection when the link is combined with a command?

Edit: we’ve tested a bit and found the source of the issue. When both the !songs command and the Auto DJ are enabled, then the Spam Protection system won’t react on !sr commands anymore. If the Auto DJ is disabled, then !sr links will be moderated again. The Auto DJ also prevents the Spam Protection from deleting blank youtube links (posted without a !sr command).

It looks like the Spam Protection won’t act when another module in NightBot already handled a message. If this is the case, then shouldn’t be Spam Protection have a higher precedence than the Auto DJ/Song Request module?

Hey @blubbbbblubbbb!

By design, when Song Requests are on, YouTube links are whitelisted. As you found out, the only way to block them again is to turn off the Song Requests.

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