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Limit Nightbot Command Usage per Day

Hello Communities

I want a make a command that keeps a record of the number of days where the viewer is actually PRESENT in my channel (NOT !followage)

I figure one way to do that is to make a command that user can use only once per day

For example,
if the user types !present for the first time, nightbot will response: “{trouser} is present for 1 day”

if the user types the same command before a 12am, it will either not response or give the same response as above

if the user types the command the next day nightbot will response: “{trouser} is present for 2 days” , etc.

Is there anyway I can do this?

Also, if its possible I also want to:

  1. I want the command to only work while I am streaming
  2. I want the reset time to be 12am KST (Korean Standard Timezone) because I am streaming in a Korean server and most of my viewers are Korean

Hiya, this whole setup is very specific, I dont think there is a build-in way to accomplish this. However with $(urlfetch) or $(eval) you can create externsal scripts that could handle this.

what url should I use for the $(urlfetch) variable?

and unfortunately I don’t know javasciprt enough to use $(eval) but thanks for your response