Leagueoflegends variable needs an update

Riot decided to change names from summoner names into riot id names, so basically names can overlap now unlike how it was for summoner names, the only difference between identical names is the tag after the names (examplename#tag) so if the variable can start taking that into account it would fix it hopefully, so it would be like this: $(leagueoflegends name tag region)
also if the command displays the lp number that would be nice

Hey @Pittre!

Are you sure it needs an update? To me it seems that calling a command with the $(leagueoflegends) variable like so: !lol yourUsername#0001 NA, would be just the same as before.

Now, I don’t have a League of Legends accounts, so I can’t test, but have you tried what I suggested? Does Nightbot answer with an error? If so, which one?

hello @Emily

So I already tried what you said but I did it again to confirm and yes it doesn’t work, it says: “Nightbot: Summoner name provided not found.” when you add the tag, also if you want to test this for yourself you don’t need an account, go to op.gg , select a region near the search box, put a common name in the search box (example:faker), press enter and you will see a list of accounts with the same name with only difference being the tag.

hope this clarified.

Thanks a lot for coming back with more information and a solution for me to check it by myself, much appreciated! I’ll let the dev know about this issue.

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im with the same issue, did u find something?

The variable needs an update, gotta wait for the fix.

Apologies for the delays. This issue should now be fixed. You can specify your Riot ID in full GameName#TagLine in place of summoner name.

Has anybody gotten this to work properly yet?

  • !commands edit !rank $(leagueoflegends BigDog Q#NA1 NA)
    Invalid queue specified. Available queues: ranked_solo_5x5,ranked_tft,ranked_flex_sr,ranked_flex_tt

  • !commands edit !rank $(leagueoflegends BigDog Q#NA1 NA ranked_solo_5x5)
    does not return anything (Nightbot doesn’t respond)

  • !commands edit !rank $(leagueoflegends BigDog Q#NA1 NA ranked_tft)
    Riot Games returned an error. Try again later.

Tested the tft queue to see if it was an issue on Riot’s side, and it seems like it might be. Thought I would look here just in case anybody had a solution anyways. Cheers~

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Unfortunately the command still doesn’t seem to work,
I tried using the same names with different taglines the bot will either return:
Invalid queue specified. Available queues: ranked_solo_5x5,ranked_tft,ranked_flex_sr,ranked_flex_tt
Or it simply won’t return anything, the only way the bot will return anything is if the user specified is unranked (i think) those were the only exception that i tested that worked.
Again if you want to test it out yourself and you don’t have access to many accounts go to op.gg or a similar site and type in famous pro player names (faker, showmaker, gumayusi, ratirl…) have a nice day.

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When names have spaces in them, the queue parameter was required. Since this is confusing behavior, I’ve changed the variable to not consider queues unless they are specified. I also fixed the issue causing Nightbot not to respond and the error with TFT. Let me know if these issues appear fixed for you now!

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