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League of Legends !rank

So I want to use the !rank command for League of Legends but it tells me to specify the queue that i want to show the rank of. In the instructions there isnt a way to include the queue type? Anyone knows the command?

Hey @Schlemmes!

Where is the command you’re referring to? We can’t help if your request is too vague.

I am using $(leagueoflegends hi im schlemmi euw) by typing !lolrank. Thoe when I use !lolrank it wants me to specify a queue type: “ranked_solo_5x5, ranked_flex_5x5, etc”. I cant find a way to integrate the queue type into the $(leagueoflegends hi im schlemmi euw). I hope thats the specifique enough sry for my vague request

Oh, now I understand, thank you!

Here’s the documentation on the $(leagueoflegends) variable, sadly I don’t see where you’d specify the queue type, it might be a recent update of the API and the documentation hasn’t been updated yet.

Have you tried putting the queue type (using the same syntax as in the error message) after the region?

$(leagueoflegends summoner_name region queue_type)

Hey yeah I have tried. I have some programming experience and did’nt even found anything usefull in the newest Riot API threads :confused:

I think it might be an update on their API and @night would have to update Nightbot’s code whenever he gets time to do so.