Kill Counter - I need the coding for it

Hi there! I’m looking for a working code for a kill counter for my stream that I accumulative with a reset command as well. I would appreciate the help as I’ve tried many times but failed.

all u need is the command variable $(count) where the number should be, for example…

So far we have $(count) kills on this stream

or if u’re like me and picky about the grammar…

So far we have $(eval c=$(count);s=“s”;if(c==1){s=“”};c+" kill"+s) on this stream

the second version will correct it saying “So far we have 1 kills on this stream” all it does is take off the “s” on “kills” to be grammatically correct…
and then to reset it u go to the dashboard and u will see a new line there that has the number it’s counted up to and u can adjust it there

Okay. How do I reset it now?

well, the only way i know of, is in the dashboard…
find the command and on the right side it’ll have the option to edit the command, the count will be near the middle of the pop-up and u can manually adjust the value to any number u wish…
if u happen to find another way to do it, please lemme know

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!addcom !kills STREAMER has killed 0 player(s) today
!addcom !addkill -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !kills STREAMER has killed $(count) player(s) today
!addcom !resetkills -ul=moderator -a=!commands edit !addkill -c=0

Add these 3 commands in that order, when you !resetkills you have to follow it with an !addkill - nightbot doesn’t seem to understand the concept of zero in this setting. So !resetkills + !addkill then the kill counter will start with 1, then when you get the second kill just !addkill and it’ll go from there :slight_smile:

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