Kill counter for DayZ

I’m looking for basically 3 commands “!kills” “!addkill” “!resetkills”.

!kills- should show the kill count. For example- if you run command !kills. I should show- streamer has “this many kills”

!addkill- should increase the count by 1

!resetkills- should reset the count in !kills command.

PS: “search the forum” guys stay away as I already did.

Search the forum.

First result Having trouble setting up death counter - #2 by Emily

i have the same problem he has. it doesnt reset the count on !kills. thanks for the reply tho! let me know if you could help me with that.

Hiya! If you want to use the reset, you have to use the reset commands (!deathreset in the example) to reset the counter, and after you will need to use the add command (!deathadd in the example) to update the main command which displays the kills/deaths.

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