KapChat doesnt work correct for me

The preview shows everything is fine and working but when i am ingame or in another szene where it should work it doesnt apear. So nothing to see if someone is writing something. Any idea? OBS is the newest Version 19.xxx.

You probably have your sources mis-sorted in OBS. The chat source must be above any other sources.

KapChat is at the Top “Screenshot”. tried it at any Position deleted it and made it completly new but if i test it and write something while i am in a LoL Game it wont apear no matter what i do=(

Are you trying to say that while you’re in-game it isn’t appearing inside of your game? If so, this is an overlay for your viewers, not you to see in-game.

If not, then I’m not sure. It might a bug in OBS, which in that case you’re going to want to reach out to them for assistance.

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