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KapChat does not show in iframe in OBS 24/Chromium 75


I’m using KapChat in an iframe for an overlay, i.e.:
<div id="chat"><iframe src=""></iframe></div>

While working well in OBS 23.2.1 with Chromium 68, with the new CEF library in OBS 24.0.x, the chat does not seem to load, and displays the following error in the log:

18:56:18.354: obs-browser: Uncaught TypeError: Cannot read property 'badge_sets' of null (source:

Apologies for not being particularly well versed in what’s happening. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

It looks like your channel is not configured in the URL, so that is probably why it doesn’t work for you. Go to the KapChat page and fill out the entire form, including your channel name.

No channel name is intentional - I am only looking to see the initial lines of the chat loading (which it doesn’t due to the error). Like I said, it was working in the previous version of OBS/Chromium.

You won’t be able to load the chat properly without a channel name, which is why the console error you provided occurred. Unfortunately since KapChat works fine on OBS for me there’s not much I can do to assist you here. You might wish to reach out to OBS support.

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